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When it’s time to give your gas-powered log splitter a nice long break from breaking wood apart, like 30-days or more, here’s what you need to do:. VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL 28 TON LOG SPLITTER WARNING: All operators must read this manual before operating this log splitter. It is designed to split wood logs for use as firewood for a stove or fireplace . Log splitters come in various styles, structure built and log cutting force capability, but the Boss log splitter brand has made a huge impact among serious log enthusiasts and the entire log cutting industry due to the following reasons: Superior structure and top grade material components 920ls/922ls log splitter design Built specifically for the demands of the rental market, the Barreto log splitter is the industrial standard. “We’re going to redefine what you get for your money,” YARDMAX Vice President Shad Shafer said. The manual log splitter is simple, light, affordable, and needs small space to store. Material list. At Northern Hydraulics we offer a full line of Speeco log splitters and accessories. The W1200 is a powerful and versatile machine that will make wood splitting for your fireplace easier and less time-consuming. 3. Safe, efficient and trouble free operation of your Log Splitter requires that you and anyone else who will be operating or maintaining the machine, read and understand the Safety, Operation, The hydraulic pump controls the flow of fluid within the pump system. Create your own log splitter in the home, it'll be created in a low-cost value. Our Upside down mounted log splitter attachment is great for splitting the extra large logs that you don't want to even think about lifting. Step 1: Log splitter plans! In order to build a log splitter, you should draw a proper plan for building. Task Force 5-ton Electric Log Splitter Recall There is a recall on Task Force 5-ton Electric Log splitters. Research with Expert Advice, Buyer’s Guides, and Over 80 Customer Reviews. The log splitter parts can be sized to suit portable petrol engine units, tractor PTO set-ups and electric motors. Spring centered in one direction, and pressure released detent in the other direction. Our exclusing Extreme Hydraulics log splitter pumps, valves, hydraulic cylinders, log splitter cylinders, & components are built tough & a great value! Shop Log Splitter Parts parts online at Tool Parts Direct by brand, model, and parts. Electric Log Splitter - 20 Ton 1 Safety READ and UNDERSTAND this manual completely before using the 20 Ton Log Splitter. All firewood processing equipment can be shipped worldwide. This means your ram will cycle much faster. There is an engine which is used to provide power to the machine that is typically a four stoke engine which can be powered either by electric or gas depending on the model of log splitter that you have. For power equipment parts and accessories, think Jack's! Champion Log Splitter Categories Description Pow’R’kraft Electric/Hydraulic 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter model PK65575 2-Speed Power Stoke, for faster splitting!Pow’R’kraft 7-Ton Log Splitter w/2-Speed Power Stroke is Simple, Portable and Powerful enough to Split a Cord of Wood in a Breeze. Quality Log Splitter Parts From Repair Clinic. Rated 4 out of 5 by noax from Assembly is straight forward except for the axle. Hydraulic Parts to Build or Repair a Log Splitter! Get the best prices on log splitter hydraulics and log splitter parts to fix or build your own log splitter. Do not allow children to play on, stand upon or climb on the log splitter. Flywheel wood splitter designs offer many patented forms for driving a ram into a piece of wood to split it onto separate pieces. With out knowing what therest of your system components are it would be difficult to try and help diagnose where this valve is and if you could safely increase this pressure setting. Flywheel Wood Splitter Power Principals. They will be able to help with correctly sizing the components for the horsepower available, from home scale to commercial sized log splitters. 5 GPM hydraulic pump making the spit time 13 seconds. Both of which can permit you to sure the Log Splitter and your work area are clean and free of any spills. This means the maintenance requirements can be considered fairly complex. WORK AREA ONLY operate your log splitter on a level surface. Attractive offers on high-quality agricultural  Hedger Parts & Accessories · Idlers · Ignition Parts · Log Splitter Parts · Maintenance Tools · Mufflers · Mulching Kits · Oil Filters · Pressure Washer Parts. See more ideas about Log splitter, Firewood and Tools. The NorthStar Horizontal Log Splitter with Log Lift gives you premium components and exclusive features that let you save time, increase performance and work effectively. In industry there are a lot of extra controlling components with tiny passages that make diagnosis very difficult. If your log splitter experiences hydraulic failure, the issue could be with any of the hydraulic components, scuh as the pump, valve, or filter. Now you can buy a combination of hydraulic components all at once, without having to bounce around to multiple pages, adding parts to your cart. Log Splitter 30 Ton 6. They will test the hydraulic system and can isolate components to find any other cause of lost pressure or power. 5. com. made to ensure the accuracy of this manual. Use this 3-part article to get a good overview on all key components before you start pulling out your welding equipment. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. It is recommended to operate the log splitter on a log splitter platform. Always inspect the log splitter before using to assure it is in good working condition. com Fast cycle times with a full range of features. If you have a leaky hydraulic hose or broken cylinder, the power of your log splitter can be lost. . Re: Log Splitter Components He actually has all the parts, but I was thinking about buying them for the cylinder. There are three ways to power a log splitter: manually, with an electric motor, or with a gas motor. Whether you are looking for a replacement wheel or wheel cover, wing screws, support plates, motors, log splitter wedges, motor support shoes or virtually any other replacement part for the log splitters we carry, you can find it here. Looking For Log Splitter Parts? Get In Touch With Flowfit Today - We Can Source Hydraulic Log Splitter Parts For Domestic & Industrial Use. The splitter offers 28 Tons of splitting force. Filtering the oil is a cheap and simple way of eliminating potential headaches. and as thick as 6-1/2 in. An undersized extension Dirty Hand Tools 35 Ton Log Splitter 100466 comes with a 2 stage 17. Use two people and take all parts out of the shipping crate and inspect the components to ensure there are no missing pieces before starting to assemble the log splitter follow steps 1 through 8. their method Assembly is straight forward except for the axle. With a 790 lb. Log Splitter Parts: A well-maintained hydraulic system in your log splitter is necessary to ensure a smooth split on every log. But in reality, you likely just don’t need that much log splitter tonnage or features. Gas Log Splitters. The components can be sized to suit  Split-Fire log splitters and wood chippers are used by forestry contractors, arborists, hobby farmers, woodlot operators, rural landowners, cottagers, landscapers,  1 Dec 2017 Likewise, there are not engine components on an electric log splitter that requires yearly maintenance and cleaning to run properly (i. Home; About; An electric log splitter resembles a common sawhorse. Fast, same day shipping. Because they’re tough-as-nails log splitters, built with durable steel and cast-iron components meant to be taken deep into the woods. 27-ton/34-ton. Each is assembled and welded by hand, ensuring the highest quality possible, and we offer a wide variety of models to suit ever need; from homesteading to commercial use. it seems almost as if they were added to try to sell the model and make it more attractive to the buyer who thinks having turn signals on his splitter may be desirable and more useful. The log splitter consists of all four major hydraulic components. Never operate the Log Splitter if the hydraulic system is not working properly. Split’s Logs 20″ Long and 12″ in Diameter (18″ Most Wood)Auto Return when you Release both Button and LeverDelivered Fully Home > Products > Accessories > Log Splitter Components. hitch and uses tractor's hydraulics to operate the cylinder. Hydraulic cylinders available in a  Get parts for your log splitter. 410-692-5170 YARDMAX 25-Ton 208cc Gas Log Splitter is rated 4. CHIEF Compact Log Splitter Valve: 18 GPM, 3/4” NPT Inlet/Outlet, 3625 PSI, 1/2” NPT Work Ports A log splitter is a piece of machinery generally used for creating firewood. Exhaust The NorthStar Horizontal Log Splitter with Log Lift gives you premium components and exclusive features that let you save time, increase performance and work effectively. Never place your hands or body near a hydraulic fluid leak. Unless, of course, you know what you’re doing. THE OREGON 28 TON 1 YEAR HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS. A petrol log splitter, however, is also a great option for homeowners who need to chop wood at home. their method is just plain dumb, I jacked up the unit from behind and installed the axle, then the wheel opposite the engine. A log splitting machine is a great product that will protect your body, especially your back, from the difficult work of manually splitting logs. Design is such that you will be able to use it with ease. It contains all of the basic components of a hydraulic machine: An engine  Find Log Splitter Parts and Kits at Discount Bargain Prices. When it comes to home use, the Yardmax is preferred to the Lumberjack because of its superior build quality and strength. This Kit Includes the following components –. We stock a full line of Cross Manufacturing Log Splitter Replacment Parts and Haldex 2 Stage Log Splitter Pumps! FREE SHIPPING is provided with your purchase on any of our Hydraulic Log Splitters. Even though hydraulic components make wood splitting easier, they are not the only option. Includes built-in adjustable inlet relief valve. 22 ton log splitter Model65075 set up, operating, and servicing instructions Warning! iMportant inForMation The Hitch Coupler MUST be properly secured to the hitch ball of the towing vehicle. Though this machine doesn’t have towing buy log splitter components - Ardisam, Inc. With the external tank on my log splitter it's a little less worry about polluting the 7 or so gallons of oil in my tractor as well as getting anything in there to clog or damage the hydraulic components inside the tractor. Log Splitter Components. Major Components, Controls, and Features Overview: The USA's most popular log splitter valve. Reservoir Cap Fluid Leakage - Log Splitter. Clearance Savings · Components · Controls · Cylinder Components · Cylinders · Engines · Filtration · Fluid Coolers · Gauges & Meters · Hoses, Fittings & Clamps. We keep a large in stock inventory of Brave OEM Log Splitter replacement parts. Whether you use it for splitting your own firewood or have a commercial operation, Timberwolf splitters can yield enough split wood to burn past your wildest expectations. ONLY operate your log splitter on level ground. • BEFORE towing, be certain that the splitter is securely attached to the towing vehicle and If you’ve had enough of chopping up wood manually, what you need is a log splitter, and if you need to do some heavy-duty splitting, a gas-powered unit is the best way to go. A user places a log along the splitter's length. Logsplitter Components Hydraulic Systems & Components stocks a range of logsplitter components to suit most requirements. Choosing the Best Manual Log Splitter of 2019. A log spinner foot plate that easily rotates logs for splitting, reducing stress on the beam. Innovatively designed unit splits in both directions, saving time and increasing productivity. LOG SPLITTER COMPONENTS | Hydraulic Systems and Components Build your own hydraulic log splitter, or repair one that is already assembled, with parts and accessories from Northern Hydraulics. There is a lot to love about this gas powered log splitter, that makes it essential to people who will be splitting a lot of cords every year and especially during the colder months. The machine is only around 106 pounds comparable to the weight of WEN 56206 6-Ton. You can even find building plans available online and can purchase the one you find most appropriate. The higher the force rating, the greater the thickness or length of the rounds that can be split. Freshly cut word has more moisture packed in the wood, and makes it even more laborious to split. • Before using splitter, disconnect it from tow vehicle. It's apparently not rated for more the 45 mph. will make sure you never miss a mow. With a flywheel operation this log splitter action can be instantly triggered to engage or disengage the momentum of a motor driven flywheel. • NEVER operate the log splitter in an enclosed area. You can sometimes fix a fuel supply problem by disassembling, cleaning and rebuilding the carburetor. is a leading importer of log splitter valve from USA. 35 liter two cylinder engine set up on trailer with some log splitter components as shown in pics. Pleasant, IA. From pumps, valves & cylinders to lifts, trays & engiens. A pushing mechanism resides on the splitter's left side. A log could easily be Log Splitter Valve, Pressure release detent at end of retract stroke / detent in spool in position. TOOLS REQUIRED Rubber or Wooden Hammer Brave OEM replacement parts for sale. Horizontal and vertical splitting positions, easy to use from either side. If I were looking for log splitter components and I wanted the best selection I could find at a good price, AMAZON would be my first choice. log splitter engine Refine search Sort By: Most Popular Top Rated Price Low to High Price Low to High Price High to Low Price High to Low Brand A - Z Brand Z - A UpStart Components 10-Pack Replacement Spark Plug for Quick-Split Log Splitter with Tecumseh Engines - Compatible with Champion RJ19LM & NGK BR2LM Spark Plugs LOG SPLITTER COMPONENTS Index Valve , LSR 3060 3Prince LS 3000 Valve Prince RD 522 Gear Pump GRH Wood Spiltter Pump 4 Bolt Gear Pump GRH Wood Spiltter Pump 2 Bolt Couplings RB Hydraulics Coupling Spider Couplings RB Hydraulics Petrol Engine Drive Half Log Splitters, Woodsplitters, Parts, & Hydraulics Log Splitters, Woodsplitters, Parts, & Hydraulics Log Splitter, Hydraulic Filter, Gear Pump, Wedge Slide. Find or sell a used log splitter in our free classifieds. Every effort has been . Troubleshooting possible malfunctions involves checking each of the component parts: valve, oil pump, engine, and hydraulic cylinder and all of the Fenders, log catchers, turn signals, etc: To me, most of these doo-dads and add-ons are not really all that useful or needed . If you are tired of splitting wood with an axe and have access to a wrecked car, use these free log splitter plans to recycle those old car parts into a new homemade log splitter. The NorthStar Log Splitter utilizes the 4-step process intended to protect and extend the years of service of your log splitter hydraulic system components which include the 100 mesh suction strainer, pre-filter, a 40 micron breather and a 10 micron return line filter that has the ability to filter even smaller particles that our eyes can’t see. Operation Warnings Do not at any time carry passengers, sit or stand on the log splitter. Manual log splitters. Spring loaded wedge cleaner. Most in-stock parts will ship on the same  Log Splitters Box Wedge Style Splitters Optional remote power-packs - allows for addition of modular components to your existing production system. . Get your Hydraulic Components for Less and Save $ At P & J Commercial Products we sell parts and kits for building or repairing your wood splitter. Starting with some basic parts and build your own log splitter around it, is definitely a great way to go. Browse a variety of top brands in Log Splitters such as NorthStar, Powerhorse, and Ironton from the product experts. This heavy-duty, high-powered log splitter is built tough, and is ready to handle all your log-splitting jobs in the most demanding environments. ) If you have missing components, contact Product Support at 1-800-270-0810. With our range of hydraulic log splitter kits and parts, you can enjoy a reliable, safe and powerful log-splitter to make your natural wood-cutting that much easier. 5HP 208cc Briggs & Stratton Engine. Refer to the drawings and parts list should it become necessary to disassemble the unit for repair or replacement of parts. Log Splitter Components You have arrived at this page because you were looking for log splitter components, and we feel it is our job to help you find the log splitter components you want. Log Splitter Valve is the backbone of the log splitter. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. Product Rating is 5. Specified by more log splitter OEM's than any other brand. Champion Log Splitter Parts: Jack's is your place! We have the Champion Log Splitter Parts you need, with fast shipping and great prices. Search our parts catalog and order parts online specific to your equipment. Use our interactive diagrams, accessories, and expert repair help to fix your MTD Log Splitter . The Boss Industrial ES7T20 is a 7-ton beast of an electric log cutter, and is our pick for best quality electric log splitter. It contains all of the basic components of a hydraulic machine: High-pressure oil from the pump is shown in light blue, and low-pressure oil returning to the tank is shown in yellow. SKU: 118662699. • ONLY operate the log splitter in good lighting conditions. Across the splitter's length is a splitting wedge, mimicking a triangle. Heavy duty welded construction and reliable seal components allow Magister Hydraulics’ cylinders to work in severe conditions. Some of the components on your log splitter may look slightly different. And, each firewood splitter is built to last, right here in the USA. Engine has been used very little and runs perfectly. • Both ends of the log should be cut as squarely as possible to prevent the log from sliding out of the splitter during operation. Jan 4, 2015- Explore ebstrong1993's board "Log splitter" on Pinterest. in diameter. Portable Log Splitter This unit is a gasoline engine driven hydraulic log splitter . PTP 820E  With a wide range of replacement Swisher mower parts for all your needs, Swisher Inc. Valve features include auto return detent with 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch work ports. Introduction to Boss Log Splitter. You might be surprised to see this “underpowered” log splitter option, but it's a viable alternative with a number of advantages. 4. Find thousands of the replacement Log Splitter Parts parts you need at ToolPartsDirect. Why spend more cash on log splitter parts and equipment when you just don’t need it? Did you know the average rental size unit in the United States is a 26-ton log splitter? This product created for use in different types of log splitting equipment such as gas log splitters, electric log splitters, 3 point tractor log splitters and skid steer log splitters. and maintenance, this log splitter will bring years of satisfying service . Rated for high pressure, our hydraulic valves will have your wood splitter working like new again. Designed for long-lasting performance and ease of use, the YARDMAX full beam log splitter will cut through most types of wood effortlessly and efficiently, log after log. • ONLY operate the log splitter on level ground. Nowadays there are many different log splitters, such as electric log splitters, and hydraulic log splitters, as well as many other wood splitters. There are several components on a log splitter that all work in unison to help you split your wood, all of each just as important as the last which means if one goes the whole unit will either not function, or not perform at 100%. Never place hands or feet between the log and splitter wedge, or between the log and the ram during the forward or reverse stroke. The Splitter wrapper for Vue is a client-side wrapper for the Kendo UI Splitter widget. Thankfully, there is a solution that greatly reduces these physical demands: a hydraulic log splitter. LOG SPLITTER SPLITTNI G POSITOI NS Horizontal and vertical splitting positions The YardMax YU3066 (above) is easily the best 30-ton log splitter for the Winter of 2019/20. Make light work of your log splitting needs with these innovative Baumr-AG Petrol Log Splitters, an exclusive offering only from Edisons. Cushion mounted log cradle is designed to snap out of the way when using the splitter in the vertical position. The following example demonstrates the Splitter in action. com NOTE: This log splitter was partially assembled at the factory. 1. 5 in. PHOTO: JOHN GASPER AND WILLIAM PALMERTON No matter your knowledge, today you will learn how they work, and check out our best log splitter reviews page. These instructions are not meant to cover every possible A day of splitting wood has never been less of a chore with the W1200 Earthquake five-ton electric log splitter. 75 Gross Torque Log Splitter is the best log splitter for getting the job done because it can work with both smaller tree branches as well as larger logs, and you’ll find that it is nearly as effective with green wood as it is with seasoned wood. This is why they want you to warm up machines before using them- me I use a salamander to heat up my log splitter when the weather gets cold-it runs so much better after a warm up like that. We have available from stock all the items you need to build a hydraulic circuit for a log splitter. task force log splitter manual national gay task force v In small simple systems as found on GT's and their implements, including log splitters, diagnosis of problems is relatively simple. Log Splitter Parts You have arrived at this page because you were looking for log splitter parts, and we feel it is our job to help you find the log splitter parts you want. • NEVER operate your splitter while it is attached to the tow vehicle. Task Force Log Splitter Manual (Electric Log Splitter vs. The log splitter is capable of amputating or crushing hands and fingers. Log Splitter Plans. The Hi-Yard 5-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter is a great addition to any home with a wood-burning stove or fireplace. 5" Cylinder Flat Pack 1 per pack Manually working the jack handles of this hydraulic splitter generates up to 10 tons of splitting force, enough to split logs as long as 18 in. Who knew some company would design trailering equipment that poorly. Here at Flowfit, you’ll be sure to find the ideal log-splitter kit or components for your needs. Find quality log splitters online or in store. Use a chainsaw (not. This vertical/horizontal log splitter is equipped with a Honda GX390 engine, high-quality components, high speed towing package and a premium filtration system. The vertically-oriented hydraulic log splitter can be folded over onto a framework and towed behind a tractor into the woods. NEVER operate the log splitter on slippery, wet, muddy or icy ground. The splitter is powered by a 9 HP All Power gas engine, coupled to a two-stage hydraulic pump. LOG SPLITTERS Log Splitters in stock Oregon® 6-ton Electric Log Splitter 6 tons of splitting force Auto-return valve produces fast cycle times Integrated log cradle design keeps wood inplace during splitting. These are silver and black models which were sold exclusively at Lowe’s stores nationwide from January 2008 – March 2011 for about $300. Log splitters kits are more popular than ever, with more and more people returning to good old-fashioned wood-burning stoves for their homes. 2 Stage (Log Splitter) Pumps,Hydraulic Pumps,Hydraulics, 8 GPM 2 STAGE HYD PUMP Brand new, two stage HI/LO pressure hydraulic gear pump. Log splitter replacement parts can easily substitute a worn or dull part, so you can get back to work while staying out of harm's way. 00 pm. Why would a log splitter leak hydraulic fluid around the reservoir fill cap? Solution This reservoir cap contains a vent to allow for any excess fluid in the reservoir to exit rather than build up pressure and risk damage to the hydraulic components. Speeco Log Splitters. Doing so will give you a better understanding of what size hydraulic pump for log splitter you need. If you can find a well built used log splitter that costs much less than a new one this can be a smart choice. PTP 820E Splitter Kit. Log length should be kept to 24” or less. com 30 TON LOG SPLITTER ASSEMBLY Set the shipping crate on a solid flat surface and carefully remove the lid. Another consideration is whether you want to go with a hydraulic unit or would prefer the faster operation of a kinetic model. The flexible pump coupler connects the engine drive shaft to the hydraulic pump. Need to fix your 24777640 Log Splitter? Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. The continuous force derived by the machine is about 34. Once Kubota rear hydraulics for a log splitter Even though my tractor has rear hydraulics I opted for a tow behind splitter. Click on the links and Amazon or eBay buttons below to source your parts at below retail prices. If that sounds like something you could do with, here are our top picks for best gas log splitter. Project Questions? Along with our selection of log splitters we also carry a variety of log splitter parts to go along with them. VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL 22 TON LOG SPLITTER WARNING: All operators must read this manual before operating this log splitter. Find all the right parts at the right prices for your wood splitter, plate  Flowfit offer a range of Honda Log-Splitter kits and components to suit a variety of size requirements and performances. The industrial grade frame, reinforced foot, and rubber mounted components reduce many of the maintenance issues log splitters often present. Hard woods can be especially difficult to split and will take more than one swing to do the job. STEP 1: Hydraulic Log Splitter Parts. Patent pending 4-way wedge and pair of large log cradles are included. Call our friendly sales staff for help with parts lookup or ordering. Blockbuster Inc. 17- Hammer Log Splitter. Suitable for a 10 Ton Force. The rugged Hydraulic directional control valves for your log splitter. NEVER operate your log splitter in a damp or rainy environment to avoid electric shock or short circuit. Although both models offer convenient options for domestic users, like the ability to store upright and easily tow to the correct site, the Yardmax LS5T . We have motors, pumps, rams, switches, seals etc. 95 or 28 GPM  Custom design your log splitter and we'll supply the parts! Northern Hydraulics offers a vast selection of log splitter cylinders, control valves, and more. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. The manual log splitter can be foot-powered; hand powered even hydraulic powered. Most electric log splitters generate 5-6 tons of splitting force, which is sufficient for medium logs, but can sometimes get bogged down with thicker logs. wide flange beam, this splitter is CHIEF Compact Log Splitter Valve: 18 GPM, 3/4” NPT Inlet/Outlet, 3625 PSI, 1/2” NPT Work Ports Log splitters, hydraulic log splitters, mechanical log splitters, fastest wood splitter made in the USA: The original, the fastest - and still the best kinetic log splitter on the market. Read unbiased log splitter reviews from customers who are now splitting their own firewood. Shop 14 Log Splitters at Northern Tool + Equipment. Hydraulic hoses connecting from log splitter valve to tractor are not included. It has an 8hp Briggs & Stratton vertical shaft engine salvaged from from a rusted out yard tractor, a 2 stage hydraulic pump from ebay, valve and hoses bought new from The steel can be shaped and welded into a sturdy frame for log splitter. Buy used Wood splitter on tractorpool. Many of the components that make these  Split-Fire log splitters and wood chippers are used by forestry contractors, arborists, hobby farmers, woodlot operators, rural landowners, cottagers, landscapers,  Spare Parts for Hartnett Log Splitters are readily available from our workshop. A log splitter is a hydraulic machine that is used for the purpose of splitting logs into a smaller size which are able to be used for firewood. is dedicated to bring you only the best quality Firewood Processor. Most log splitter models for home use have a rating around 10 tons, but professional hydraulic models may exert 30 tons of force or more. If your back aches at the thought of spending hours in the backyard splitting wood for your fireplace, then you may want to consider putting that energy into constructing a wood splitter to do the They all are pretty basic, a hyd cyl, hyd pump, control valve, and a engine. 63” – 2. The heavy-duty splitting force and the sturdy design allow you to pick these large logs off the ground and split them without ever leaving your cab. Best log splitter is universally acclaimed for their unmatched convenience and ease of use. If you are attaching the splitter to the tractor’s hydraulics, lower the hydraulic arms all the way and follow the manufacturer’s directions. This manual provides important information on proper operation & maintenance. A log splitter is a piece of machinery or equipment used for splitting firewood from softwood or the force rating, the greater the thickness or length of the rounds that can be split. Don’t let the “half beam” fool you – this splitter provides all the splitting force as the full beam version, and is easy to transport to your summer house or your deer camp (and back). Click the button to activate the Gas Log Splitters are Made for Heavy Duty Splitting with Lots of Force. for any excess fluid in the reservoir to exit rather than build up pressure and risk damage to the hydraulic components. A quick-connecting four-way wedge that helps to break logs into smaller pieces, such as for kindling. If necessary, use our Authorized Service Center Directory to make arrangements to physically inspect your concerns and service the log splitter. To decrease maintenance, this splitter features a powder-coated finish, hydraulic intake screen, and protected oil filter. Troy-bilt honda powered log splitter (fallon) Sold at 850 $ Bought this 27 ton troy bilt splitter a few years ago and rarely used it and mainly with pinion pine. Operating on a slope could cause the log splitter to roll over or logs to fall off of the equipment, which could result in injury. Never check for a leak with your hands or other body parts. maintain the log splitter could result in serious injury to the operator or bystanders. Talk with one of our expert sales engineers for advise on 1800 497 732. Log Splitter Parts Replacement Guide - Learn more about hydraulic log splitter parts, pumps and cylinders then call Cylinder Services Inc. 6 out of 5 by 57. 22-Ton 6. Learn more with our troubleshooting guide • Never exceed 45 MPH while towing your splitter. With a log splitter, the log is split when pressed against a fixed splitting wedge by a pressure plate. This may cause damage to your Log Splitter and may be hazardous to the operator. There are only a few parts to a hydraulic log splitter, making it one of the simplest hydraulic tools in use. Log Splitter Build Kits - Tool Tuff Direct Supplies Farmers, Ranchers and Outdoorsmen with affordably priced, high quality products and accessories that get the job done right. See Assembly Instructions section of this manual to assemble the log splitter before set-up. Splitter gurus will argue about the merits of their different log splitters but I believe the vertical table splitter is the most practical. The simplest hydraulic device that you find in common use today is the log splitter . The coupler is designed to break if the hydraulic pump seizes up, protecting the engine from damag MTD Log Splitter parts that fit, straight from the manufacturer. Hydraulic cylinders available in a variety of bores and strokes. Log Splitter Parts Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new Grid View List View Firewood Log Splitter Wood Processor Earthquake Compact Electric Log Splitter Lawn Equipment, Log Splitters. 1HP (187cc) log splitter features a powerful Honda engine to ensure optimal performance. Large hydraulic reservoir keeps the cylinder and components from overheating. Our 2-Way Log Splitter and Wood Chipper products earned a solid reputation for standing up to the tough demands of the Equipment Rental Industry; and with the addition of our new lay flat hose winder product called “FAST FREDDY” we have proven once again that our innovative designs maximize the productivity and safety of its’ operators • Do not operate the log splitter on icy, wet, muddy or otherwise slippery ground. Unfollow log splitter parts to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Comparison Table: Our Log Splitter Reviews Summary Choosing the best log splitter for the job is a big decision. Most log splitter hydraulic pumps will be two-stage pumps, meaning that they can force the liquid within them to move in two different directions, which allows for the hydraulic arm to be pushed forward to split wood, and also retracted so the machine can be reloaded with a new log. Free UK Delivery  Logsplitter Components Hydraulic Systems & Components stocks a range of logsplitter components to suit most requirements. While gas-powered log splitters are common, you may also want to examine electric models for simplicity. Home of an Outstanding Shopping Experience, Every Time! To keep your log splitter splitting for many years to come, check the hydraulic fluid often. Available in 20-tonne and 65-tonne versions, you can enjoy the convenience and superb splitting force brought forth by these hydraulic units but without the use of a generator. Double Acting Hydraulic Log Splitter Cylinder - Log Splitter 90mm Bore 50mm Rod 341mm Stroke. Port Size Work 1/2"NPTF & In-Out 3/4" NPTF, Max Flow 30 GPM, Max tank port pressure 500 PSI. • Operator must read and understand all safety and warning information, operating instructions, maintenance 2304 Sierra Meadows Drive Rocklin CA 95677 Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm. However, If you're searching for replacement parts, it's best to first contact your local authorized service center. That is the Champion Power Equipment. Log Splitter Review What To Look For When You Want To Buy A Good Log Wood Splitter - A Detailed Review! What is needed to decide what a good log splitter should have, before you buy one. 410-692-5170 No matter how or why you need to cut wood, this Swisher LSRB675221350 . e. TESSCO SKU: 249406; QTY/UOM: 1 EACH; UPC: 646444215183; MFG PART #: N800082L002A. 28 Ton Full Beam Gas Log Splitter with 6. as a replacement pump for major log splitter manufacturers like MTD, Timberwolf, Champion. EarthQuake - Ardisam Log Splitter User Manual. Basic Usage. We proudly stock and sell all necessary components from log splitter valves, pumps, engines, and more. And after 100 hours of use, change out the hydraulic fluid and the filter. PHYSICAL SAFETY Operating the log splitter presents some possible physical hazards which can be minimized If a standard hydraulic PTO log splitter is out of your price range, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of PTO splitting tools altogether. Operating on a slope could cause the log splitter to roll over or cause logs to fall off. Use our build-it-yourself (DIY) log splitter plans to fabricate and assemble your own wood splitter from scratch. This Titan Attachments auger log splitter is a great, cost effective alternative. It’s one of the many heavy-duty log splitters covered in this article. 5 TON ELECTRIC LOG SPLITTER . If you’ve been searching for a high-quality log splitter that works hard to get the job done fast, then search no more. Automatically kicks back to neutral when cylinder completes stroke. The 3 Point 2-Way log splitter attaches to a category 1 tractor 3-pt. Me and a friend are considering building a FEL for his B6000, and I thought a single cylinder tilt would be ok to work with. Most in-stock parts will ship on the same day if ordered before 4:00pm est. When using the Log Splitter at a considerable distance from the power source, use an extension cord heavy enough to carry the electrical current that the Log Splitter will draw. The SwiftSplit log splitter is designed for residential (non-commercial) use and makes your job less physically demanding, more efficient and safer. The log splitter's 5-Ton of RAM force can split logs up to 20. Connector Will normally be dispatched on the day of the purchase (Mon - Fri), if ordered before 1. 3 tons, enough to handle most of your splitting tasks with ease. Speed and Power! Ariens 27 Ton Log Splitter Reviews. If you have ever spent much time splitting wood with an axe or with a wedge and sledge hammer, you know that the world's easiest log splitter has to be just about anything other than those tools. Brave OEM replacement parts for sale. Wood Splitter Components Include The Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Valve, Hydraulic Pump, and The Power Source along with a Splitting Wedge. New not rebuilt 22 GPM Two Stage Pumps $219. ACCESSORIES LOG CATCHERS S40200600 22-TON S40200600 28-TON (before serial number:1G1110553) 564068 28-TON (after serial number: 1G1110552) Log catchers keep work at a consistent height, reducing strain and fatigue on the operator and Tommy built a feature-filled log splitter with components purchased from Princess Auto. 5HP With Loncin Petrol Engine 650mm JW Stroke 4. For other part numbers including hardware and other components, Log Splitter Engines And Pump Combination Matched Log and wood splitter engine kits At P & J Commercial we sell log splitter parts to build your own wood splitter Use only 3-wire extension cords that have 3-prong grounding plugs and 3-pole receptacles that accept the Log Splitter’s plug. This log splitter will only split logs lengthwise, with the grain only . OREGON 28 TON VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL LOG SPLITTER. 1 x ZZ011699 - Flowfit 1  Brave OEM replacement parts for sale. Shop log splitters in the outdoor tools & equipment section of Lowes. MTD log splitter parts handle heavy-duty jobs, so ensuring you have the proper parts for log splitter machines is critical. Precision pump gears and copper windings ensure a constant splitting force. The log splitter changes all of that! A log splitter is a machine with several components that make short order work of splitting firewood quickly and with much less effort. Do not operate this log splitter if you have doubts or questions concerning safe operation. Take special care on which wedge you will use and get a log splitter plan with a detailed parts list and check those Log Splitters, Woodsplitters, Parts, & Hydraulics; Woodsplitter & Parts Woodsplitter & Parts. Get the job done fast with the CountyLine® 22 Ton Log Splitter. The hotter the hydraulic oils is = maximum operating temperature the more efficiently it delivers total hydraulic power/force at its maximum. The Verdict: The Best Log Splitter Under $1000 (or thereabouts!) Revealed. Reviewing all key components from hydraulic pump, blade and wedge to vertical and horizontal splitters. This log splitter requires more or less manpower to run but a good alternative to cutting woods with an ax. Re: Adjusting unloading on 2-Stage log splitter Pump It sounds like your system relief valve is set at 2000 PSI. i use ll100 avgas The Boss Industrial ES7T20 has a rugged design and durable construction with all high quality professional grade components used in building this log splitter. Log Splitter Kit with a FLOWFIT Double Acting lever valve. Parts for 22/27/28/35 Ton Log Splitter (Free shipping) Product added to cart. This Black Diamond 37-ton Log Splitter is for larger operations who may need a little more power than the Black Diamond 25-ton Log Splitter. I just got a black diamond log splitter and before I got it home the wheel bearing went out. The NorthStar 1131 Log Splitter packs a strong punch with a ram force of 37 tons that allows it to split logs measuring 25 inches long and 16 inches wide. Call our customer service department at 1-800-525-8322 to address these concerns. uk at the best prices from either machinery dealers or private sellers. Log-Splitter Fluid Champion Super Grade Hydraulic Log Splitter Fluid is a quality A/W hydraulic fluid designed for use in modern, high-performance hydraulic components. If you are an avid logger, Agri Supply® can help keep your log splitter in working order. First, you have to decide what characteristics you want a given model to have; for example, how much tonnage you’d like. frame, a high carbon wear-alloy wedge, and a 6” x 25 lb. Pros: They're inexpensive to buy, and cost nothing to run. log splitter who has not read this manual. This project is not about building the ultimate log splitter but uses the basics of what a log splitter used to be: a beam with a hydraulic cylinder attached to force an axe-head through the log. Beyond your desired specifications you also want to ponder both the power and force of your log splitter. The Log Splitter can be used in the vertical or horizontal position. Position the machine on a support of 60-75 cm (2. Log length should be kept to 25 1/2” or less. Ideal for Build a Log Splitter Bundle Hydraulic Chainsaw Homemade Tractor Log Splitter Logging Equipment Tools And Equipment Garden Equipment Homemade Tools Welding Projects Metal Projects Build Your Own Log Splitter Kits For Sale | For log splitter plans, choose from your pump, cylinder size, valve, mounting bracket and shaft coupling. Log-splitters which make use of hydraulic systems are extremely reliable, powerful and reliable, making them an ideal option for both domestic and industrial situations. 5 mm audio splitters (1 male, 2 female) ; One (1) 3. The pusher presses against the log's end, compressing it against the splitting wedge's triangular point. Email Only Promotions & Discounts Join to receive special email only offers, promos, updates and discounts. Secure the log splitter to the rig and reposition all components. Log splitter parts. RuggedMade experts have also made it convenient for you to quickly buy pre-built hydraulic kits which are composed of commonly used components for log splitters and other hydraulic systems. The log splitter is to only be operated by adults who have read this operation manual. Repair your MTD Log Splitter Carburetor for less. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death to you or bystanders. (585) 328-0670 Log splitters for sale at low prices at Wood Splitters Direct. The splitter can function in both horizontal and vertical splitting Best Rated Wood-Log Splitter 2019 – Top 4 Reviews Purchasing a new wood-log splitter might look easy, but in real life it’s actually much more complicated. Timberwolf's log splitters are made to be incredibly durable and built to last a lifetime. This rugged, 25-ton force, 2-way gas log splitter comes with numerous, standard design enhancements for better, longer performance. When designing your log splitter take into consideration the throughput you would like to achieve. always covered either in my shop or outside with cover. It is commonly used by individuals building their own log splitter. Exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide which are deadly. Always choose and use log splitter plans that come with a detailed parts list. Log splitters utilise hydraulic or rod and piston moving parts to split sections of log into even smaller sections of wood more appropriate for use in fires and woodwork. The Champion 25 ton full beam tow able log splitter is an incredible machine with a very reputable company backing it. To determine which of the above fluids is recommended by the manufacturer of your hydraulic log splitter, make sure that you read through the owner’s manual that came with your machine. After assembly and attachment, pull up and down on the Hitch Coupler to make sure the hitch ball is fitting snugly in the Hitch Coupler. Yardmax is a great choice, but Champion is the another competitive brand that gives homeowners great value for the money, with reliability at its core. 28 Ton Direct Drive Log Splitter with 5. 95”) high, free from any objects that could prevent freedom of movement for the operator while working. So make sure you always choose perfect valve which fit your wood splitter requirement. piled up. Log Splitter has Limited 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Material/Workmanship, 2 Year Warranty on Engine, and 1 Year Warranty on Hydraulic Components; It's highly recommended that you get the actual plans for this manual log splitter in order to following along with this guide on how to assemble it. From the beginning, Split-Fire's 2-way log splitters were manufactured with safety and productivity as its #1 priority. You could jackknife your log splitter if not careful. Operating on a slope could cause log splitter to move or logs to fall off. This high powered splitter is a perfect choice. fired right up with two pulls after two years of not running. Besides, it helps to stroke your ego too – admit it. 5 results for log splitter parts Save log splitter parts to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Never split a log that contains any foreign materials (nails, for example). We carry replacement hydraulic cylinders, hoses, fittings, pumps, as well as new wedges and accessories for your log Beiler Hydraulics offers all the components needed to build your own log splitter as well as supply manufacturers of log splitters. See our entire line of splitters. Log Splitter 90mm Bore 50mm Rod 341mm Stroke. Hydraulic Log Splitters And Much More, From Flowfit . The USA's most popular log splitter valve. A Trade Login area to tailor the website to specific customers, offering you  All drive components fitted to TOMCAT CHIPPERS are sourced from local This assures that all spare parts are available from TOMCAT CHIPPERS or from  24 Mar 2017 A microphone splitter is an item in the sound engineer's kit that is Once logged in pick the topics and schedule that suits you, we'll update you . A kick-off valve, cylinders, hoses, fittings, and the all-important filter round out the hydraulic components. Princess Auto - Welcome to our Unique World. long and 10 in. 27-Ton Log Splitter Log Splitter pdf manual download. We carry a wide range of accessories for all kinds of log splitters. Adjustable torsion axle suspension can be moved to one of three positions to reduce or increase tongue weight. Step 2: Build a structure for holding splitter! Online shopping for Log Splitter Parts & Accessories from a great selection at Patio, Lawn & Garden Store. Be extra cautious when traveling over rough terrain, especially over railroad tracks. Spring centered   21 Products DR RapidFire Flywheel (Kinetic) Log Splitters are simpler, stronger, Maintenance Kit For 6HP Pro RapidFire Log Splitter w/ Subaru Engine. The Gearmore 3-point, PTO driven Log Splitter is the latest compact designed splitter. Part No:  Log Splitters from RedGum are available in Melbourne and Australia through All splitters sold by us are assembled in Australia from high quality components. in diameter (depending on wood density). While you don’t have to maintain any hydraulic components on a kinetic powered log splitter, you do have to maintain the flywheel. Champion Power Equipment 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return, 100251. It can be conveniently switched between horizontal and vertical splitting positions, as and when needed. co. (See Machine Components section of this manual for diagram of components. The more horsepower you have, the faster you will be able to split the wood. Also for: 34-ton log splitter, 917001, 917002. Step One: Inspect Log Splitter Components. Parts needed: Two (2) 3. Before you shell a whole bunch of cash to buy or build a log splitter, lets review the wood splitter hydraulic components that make up this wood chopping machine. In every machine we manufacture, we ensure that their quality is at the standard that our company is known for. View our collection today! Hardware option. The log splitter features an efficient design for easy transport. To ensure peak performance when you need it the most, we stock a wide variety of log splitter parts that will get your log splitter working the way it Log Splitter Build Kits - Tool Tuff Direct Supplies Farmers, Ranchers and Outdoorsmen with affordably priced, high quality products and accessories that get the job done right. 5 mm audio patch cable (2 male ends, typically 3 " long)  Split the signal from one Satellite Radio antenna to multiple receivers. NorthStar Horizontal Log Splitter with Log Lift - 37-Ton, 389cc Honda GX390 Engine. 5 (260) was save . Before using your hydraulic log splitter, make sure the reservoir tank is filled. The heavy-duty 2-stage pump provides maximum splitting performance. • Always be careful while backing your splitter. homemade wood splitter task force by Lowes Review) ( Trying out. 1 HP Honda Power The Swisher 5. If I were looking for log splitter parts and I wanted the best selection I could find at a good price, AMAZON would be my first choice. If you frequently burn firewood and often have large, thick cuts of firewood to chop through, a gas log splitter will be well worth the investment. It has electronic ignition and the al Two Cylinder Industrial Engine, Teledyne Continental TM13, Aprox. Create your own free website  Wholesale cheap hydraulic cylinder brand -high quality custom made hydraulic cylinder for log splitter cylinders factory sell directly hydraulic ram for agriculture  Wallenstein WP840 Firewood Processor - Combines Log Splitter, Cutting winch; High quality components; Safe & Intuitive to use; extensive dust protection for  Your source for lawn mower parts and power equipment parts for the most Lawn Tractor Parts · Leaf Blower Parts · Log Splitter Parts · Paint System Parts  Eurobyte carries a large range of HDMI Extenders, Switches & Splitters to boost your Audio Visual Please login or register an account for Dealer Pricing. Whilst it is the cheapest of the fluids on the market, it is known for corroding the hydraulic components fairly quickly and other components to wear. Basic components of a splitter include engine, oil pump and a pressure controlling valve. Kits to repair or for building your on hydraulic LOG SPLITTER. Rebuild kits are available for most log splitter carburetors. Relief set at 2, 250 PSI. It's easier to mount and this way it can be towed to woods, parked, and free the tractor up to haul split wood from the splitter for dumping in a truck bed or at the woodpile for stacking. See All Hydraulic Valves See All 2-Stage Pumps See All Horizontal Engines See All DA Cylinders; See All Hydraulic Reservoirs We "make buying technical products simple," and pride ourselves on being the best log splitter retailer in the country. An experienced fabricator could use this guide alone but having the plans to refer is probably a good idea. Hydraulic Parts to Build or Repair a Log Splitter! Get the best prices on log splitter hydraulics and log splitter parts to fix or build your own! Our exclusive Extreme Hydraulics log splitter pumps, valves, hydraulic cylinders parts, log splitter cylinders, & components are built tough & a great value! Save On Wood Splitter Parts. View and Download Ariens 27-Ton Log Splitter manual online. I built this for about $200. LOG SPLITTERS oregonproducts. ,  Tired of splitting logs with the use of an axe that requires a lot of human Some of the important components and tools that you will need for building a log  Linear Actuation Valves and Components. Log Splitter Parts and Components - Unique Gift Ideas - mySimon is the premier price comparison shopping online site letting you compare prices and find the best deals on all the hottest new products! Rather than charging more for the patent-pending and durable components of the YARDMAX log splitter, those innovations will be standard on the company’s 25-, 28-, 30-, and 35-ton models. Build Your Own Home Made Hydraulic Log Splitter With Our Detailed Do-It-Yourself CAD Wood Splitter Design Plans - Vertical, Horizontal, and 3-Point. The backbone of this log splitter is an industrial-strength I-beam with heavy plate steel reinforcement. Shop genuine parts for your Wood-Mizer sawmill and wood processing equipment. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. A day of chopping wood has never been less of a chore with the W1200 Earthquake™ 5-ton electric log splitter with a constant splitting force due to precision gears and copper windings. Find MTD Log Splitter Carburetor Parts at RepairClinic. Even the flywheel splitters are copies of old haybailer and wheel of death, to wood splitter conversions. Log Splitters from RedGum are available in Melbourne and Australia through All splitters sold by us are assembled in Australia from high quality components. Get them now and save! Hydraulic Log Splitter Bundle Kits LOG SPLITTER PARTS for all makes of wood splitters. In order to prevent accidental starting when setting up, transporting, adjusting or making repairs, always Log Splitters. Manufacturer (field_manufacturer) LOG SPLITTER COMPONENTS Stocked. If you are a logger, if the majority of your wood is "green" or hardwood, or if you are clearing large areas, then the Black Diamond 37-ton will give you the power and cycle times you need to be sure to get the job done. Phoenix Hydraulic and Electrical Services Ltd specialise in the supply of log splitter hydraulics. 35hp (Grand Haven) $1000 View and Download EarthQuake W2265 assembly and operating instructions manual online. If you look at log splitter plans, you will notice that you need many parts to build a log splitter. Follow the safety instructions in the manual and in decals attached to the product. We stock the log splitter two-stage pumps, log splitter valves, and a wide variety of hydraulic cylinders ranging from light duty tie-rod cylinders to heavy duty welded cylinders. The 917001 Log Splitter from Ariens houses a powerful 169CC Subaru® SP170 OH Engine that packs a powerful punch by providing a raw splitting force of 27 tons. Please check out my other items! Please Note UK  distribute thousands of flue and chimney installation parts throughout the country. Replace or repair damaged or worn parts immediately. The vertical and horizontal orientation of the Splitter can be combined to build complex layouts. Top Brands and Models, and Every Gas Wood Splitter includes Free Shipping. They havent really been improved, just different components and combinations of things that have been around for a long time. Is Buying a Used Log Splitter a Good Idea? Firewood and log splitters can last for many years or even decades. The simplest hydraulic device that you find in common use today is the log splitter. The video below shows a Hyspecs custom built commercial 30 tonne log splitter with integral conveyor. Once your tractor-hauled log splitter is positioned, drive your tractor up to it from the correct side. This fluid is specifically suited to protect high pressure positive-displacement vane and piston pumps, as well as high-accuracy numerically controlled (NC) machine tools where The patent pending 4-way wedge is included and is designed for quick connection and jam free operation with no need to change log stripper plates. Hydraulic pump goes with it and mounts to front of engine. W2265 Log Splitter pdf manual download. Gas log splitters are perfect for tough jobs that demand it. Nobody said read the small label by the trailer hitch and I did not recieve a manual with the purchase. • ALWAYS keep the work area free of debris The Hydraulics Of A Log Splitter Explained. Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Woodsplitter & Parts along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. 365 day right part guaranteed return policy. Hydraulic pumps cylinders control valves tanks. Do not at any time carry passengers, sit or stand on the log splitter. • Do not operate the log splitter in an enclosed area. First, refer to the Engine Operator’s Manual (that came with your hydraulic log splitter) about long-term storage of your engine. Just call us on 021-7337081  For other part numbers including hardware and other components, see the Operation Manual or contact Customer Service at 1-877-487-8275 or  Clearance Savings · Components · Controls · Cylinder Components · Cylinders · Engines · Filtration · Fluid Coolers · Gauges & Meters · Hoses, Fittings & Clamps. All of our machines are manufactured in Mt. The following are in-depth log splitter reviews that are specifically geared for those individuals who may on the lookout for the right products for their distinct needs. This DIY repair guide explains how to replace the flexible pump coupler on a log splitter. This 10 ton hydraulic log hazard or excessive force to the log splitter components. Closely inspect all log splitter components. China Log Splitter manufacturers - Select 2019 high quality Log Splitter products in best price from certified Chinese Wood Machine manufacturers, Woodworking Machinery suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. ABOUT YOUR 10 TON MANUAL LOG SPLITTER. Common components are hydraulic, structural and mechanical parts which have to be properly sized to meet your wood splitting load. Both a horizontal and a vertical log splitter can be gas powered hydraulic machines. The drawings in this manual are for refer - ence only. List of helpful 10 free homemade log splitter ideas for cutting wood easily and convenient. Log splitter kits often include most of the hydraulic components you will need to put your log splitter together and get it ready for firewood production. SpeeCo\'s primary objective for over 50 years has been to provide our customers with a complete and profitable selection of quality merchandise at competitive prices. As with all power equipment, a log splitter can be dangerous if assembled or used improperly. Northstar 37 Ton Log Splitter Reviews. This design is different, but just as effective for splitting firewood. Upon delivery, what’s instantly apparent is how much of a beast this splitter is, clocking in at 750 pounds per the freight paperwork. Read and follow all warnings and safety instructions on the log splitter and in this manual. The carburetor rebuild kit contains essential components such as jets, pins, seals and gaskets for overhauling the log splitter carburetor. Auto-return wedge saves time and effort when splitting. log splitter components

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